Critical Thinking

Critical thinking is similar to the application of logic. It is about taking a step back and absorbing information and thinking carefully and logically about its processes. It is the opposite of simply believing everything you hear, see or read. Critical thinking relates to how we make decisions and use our judgment. Our online course will teach you how to be more persuasive, improve your problem solving skills, communicate more effectively and increase your emotional intelligence.


  • Understand the components of critical thinking
  • Recognise what it means to be a critical thinker
  • Learn how to utilise non-linear thinking
  • Improved problem solving abilities
  • Identify the benefits of critical thinking


  • Once you complete Critical Thinking, you could further your studies with our Leadership and Influence course.
  • This course is specifically designed for anyone wanting to learn how to communicate more effectively with others, make better decisions and be more successful in life.

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Online with Bloom Learning with tutor support via email and phone


  • 10 Lessons
  • Learn at your own pace but expect to take 15 hours
  • 3 months to complete

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  • $199.00 (AUD)

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Upon successful completion of this course you will be awarded a Statement of Achievement

Critical Thinking - Course Guide.pdf

Units of Study

  1. What is Crititcal Thinking?
  2. Non-Linear Thinking
  3. Logical Thinking
  4. Critical Thinkers (l)
  5. Critical Thinkers (II)
  6. Evaluating Information
  7. Changing Your Perspective
  8. Problem Solving
  9. Putting it all Together


You will be required to complete a short questionnaire on completion of each lesson


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