Assertiveness and Personal Confidence

Become more assertive and improve your confidence with our online short course. Learn how to identify assertiveness and recognise its value when communicating your needs to others. Understand the practice of positive self-talk and ways you can recognise your self-worth in the process of learning to be assertive.


  • The ability to identify assertiveness and recognise its value when communicating your needs to others
  • Identify ways to improve your speaking skills when being assertive
  • The ability to actively utilise assertive communication to work with and resolve conflict
  • Learn to recognise and implement active listening to reduce miscommunications
  • Identify ways to improve your assertive communication skills


  • Once you complete Assertiveness and Personal Confidence, you could further your studies with our Introduction to Business Administration course
  • Potential career outcomes include: Receptionist, Personal Assistant, Office Assistant
  • This course is specifically designed for school leavers, job seekers or anyone wanting to become more assertive and confident

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Course Details & Delivery


Online with Bloom Learning, with tutor support via email and phone.


  • 10 Lessons
  • Learn at your pace, but expect to take 10 hours

Course Price

  • $199.00 (AUD)

Payment plan available


Upon successful completion of this Assertiveness and Personal Confidence course you will awarded a Statement of Achievement.

Assertiveness & Personal Confidence - Course Guide.pdf

Units of Study

  1. What is Assertiveness
  2. The Benefits of Assertive Communication
  3. Barriers to Assertive Behaviour
  4. Assertive Written and Spoken Communication Techniques
  5. Using Assertiveness in Conflict Resolution
  6. Dealing with Difficult Behaviour
  7. Body Language in Assertive Communications
  8. Creating and Assertive Image
  9. Assertive Speaking
  10. Maintaining Assertiveness


You will be required to complete a short questionaire at the completion of each lesson.


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