Career Change

A Career Change takes courage and commitment. Change can be frightening as the familiar changes to the unfamiliar. But change can also be exhilarating when we discover or life purpose and our motivation kick in. Bloom Learning can help you to discover new opportunities, become more dynamic and reach your full potential.


  • Understand the recruitment processes in contemporary employment environments
  • How to undertake the application process
  • The meaning of onboarding within current workplaces
  • The ability to access the reality of finding work under a particular job title
  • Enable personal growth


  • Once you complete Career Change, you could further your studies with our Leadership and Influence course.
  • This course is specifically designed for those who feel they are not in the right career, anyone wanting to try something new and break up routines.

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Course Details & Delivery


Online with Bloom Learning, with tutor support via email and phone.


  • 10 Lessons
  • Learn at your own pace but expect to take 20 hours
  • 3 months to complete

Course Price

  • $199.00 (AUD)

Payment plan available


Upon successful completion of this Career Change course you will be awarded a Statement of Achievement

Career Change - Course Guide -Career Change.pdf

Units of Study

  1. The Benefits of Changing Careers
  2. Why People Make a Career Change
  3. To Identify Resources for Upgrading Skills to Facilitate a Career Change
  4. To Analyse our Skills and Personality and Match them to a New Career
  5. To Assess the Reality of Finding Work Under a Particular Job Title
  6. Work With Generational Challenges
  7. How to Undertake the Application Process
  8. How to Work Effectively within Contemporary Inclusive Work Environments
  9. The Meaning of Onboarding Within Current Work Places


You will be required to complete a short questionnaire at the completion of each lesson


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