Goal Setting

Goal Setting allows us to determine, understand and influence our actions. Goal setting is a part of behavioural science and theorises that people with specific goals are more likely to perform better. Goal setting involves establishing Specific, Measurable, Realistic and Time-targeted (S.M.A.R.T) goals. This short course will apply goal setting theory to real world examples and scenarios that make it easy to implement and achieve.


  • The ability to practice mindfulness to strengthen your goals
  • Understand the risks and disadvantages that come with goal setting
  • How to sustain motivation
  • The ability to accomplish important tasks
  • The benefits of goal setting


  • Once you complete Goal Setting, you could further your studies with our Leadership and Influence course.
  • This course is specifically designed to increase motivation, self-esteem and confidence. Other benefits will include enhanced cognitive capability and an increase in one’s self management.
  • Online with Bloom Learning, with tutor support via email and phone.

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Learn at your own pace, but expect to take 6-8 hours

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Upon successful completion of this Goal Setting course you will be awarded a Statement of Achievement

Goal Setting - Course Guide.pdf

Units of Study

  1. Being S.M.A.R.T
  2. Understanding Goal Setting
  3. Overcoming Procrastination
  4. Visualisation
  5. Achieving Our Goals
  6. Persisting to Reach Our Goals
  7. Increase Your Productivity
  8. Fulfilment
  9. Measuring Progress and Conquering Challenges


You will be required to complete a short questionnaire at the completion of each lesson


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