Top 5 most in-demand jobs in Australia for 2015

23 Jan

There are many new and emerging jobs and Australia that are currently seeing strong growth results and are predicted to steadily increase. Find out more about the most in-demand jobs for 2015.

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There are many new and emerging jobs and Australia that are currently seeing strong growth results and are predicted to steadily increase over the next few years. The most in-demand jobs for 2015 are:

Retail Assistants

The Department of Employment figures show that retail has seen the second-highest job growth of any occupation in Australia. Clothing and household goods retailers remain the most in-demand. Retail also offers the opportunity for promotion as you can start with an entry-level position in retail and progress to management.

Positions include: Customer Service, Visual Merchandising, Management.    

Digital Technology / Online

With technology constantly changing and upgrading it is no wonder that digital and online has seen a surge in employment opportunities for people with the right skills. Ranging from online marketing to social media management and I.T. support, jobs in digital are rapidly opening up to a variety of candidates.

Positions include: Marketing, Social Media, Web Development.

Accounting & Finance

It is predicted that there will be 21,400 new accounting jobs in the next five years, as shown by the Department of Employment. Companies are increasingly looking for talented accountants with strong interpersonal, leadership and management skills. If you’re a full-time accountant, expect to earn an average of $72,800!

The Superannuation Funds industry alone is tipped to grow 40.5% this Financial Year, there is a steady demand for accounting professionals and financial planners.

Positions include: Bookkeeping, Accounts Payable, Project Management, Financial Accountant.  

Healthcare & Social Assistance

This industry is predicted to increase in 798,000 jobs by 2025. An ageing population and increase in costs brings results in an impact on health care and a surging demand for skills workers, particularly registered nurses. Jobs that involve face-to-face contact cannot be outsourced and will continue to have a high demand.

Frontline Health Recruitment spokeswoman Martene Harvey said aged care facility managers, clinical care mangers, registered nurses and physiotherapists are the most popular skilled workers in the sector.

Positions include: Social Work, Registered Nursing, Management, Leadership.  

Education & Training

Education and Training is predicted to grow by 6.7% from 2016-17. The rate of population growth within Australia is higher now than it was for the Baby Boomers, putting pressure on Australia’s education system and driving demand for additional teachers. This growth, combined with an influx of parents striving to set their children up for academic success, is also impacting the tutoring industry in a positive manner.

Positions include: Early Childhood Teachers, Group Leaders, Secondary Teachers in sciences, mathematics and design and technology, Leadership.


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